The Sum

You complain to the judge, but he pays you short shrift,
As the money you loaned her, turns into a gift.
You get monthly installments, you’ll never rebound,
You’re financially naked, those zeros are round.
You try to use reason, but that doesn’t work,
The love light is gone, replaced by a smirk.
All’s fair they say, in matters like these,
Cry all you want, while you’re down on your knees.
Then you start thinking, about all of those years,
Who was this person, the sum of your fears?
You thought that her loathing, was kept in reserves,
For everyone else, who got on her nerves.
The things that you valued, have all gone to pawn,
She’s not the same person, the money’s all gone.
You should never relax, cause things can get worse,
You have all the symptoms, of love in reverse.


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