About the “Enlightened Rogue”


So, who is this “enlightened rogue” person? Bob O’Hearn is the oldest of 10 children from a largely (violent) Irish-Catholic suburb of Boston called Somerville. He has been expelled from both catholic and public schools, spent a year in a juvenile facility, went to Viet Nam, attended Berklee College of Music, picked up a nasty drink and drug habit, got sober, found and lost Jesus, shed 50lbs, sold pharmaceuticals for Dupont and Bristol-Myers Squibb and found his wife and his life’s calling in his 50s. Bob is President and CEO of Double O Creative along with his lovely V.P. wife Susan, (the brains of the outfit). Besides keeping him on his meds, kicking ass and taking names, she pretty much says what goes. Along with Jesse, Susan’s son, an excellent visual artist and photographer, we are a well rounded bunch. In the realm of possibilities we are modestly regarded as “the trinity of infinity”  Check us out at doubleocreative.com. Enjoy the ride!


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