The Reconnected Disconnection

I dated a young lady in the late eighties named Melissa. She was 24 years my junior. To say it was awkward is an understatement. While she was instigating our relationship, I really wasn’t catching on. When I realized what was happening, I went along. But it was extremely awkward, every moment of it.

Conversations could get maddening. She had no earthly experience of any romantic nature. Read into that what you will. We had a lot of good times but I could never see a future. I never saw a future with anyone.

When she would sit in my kitchen while I cooked, it felt like a visit from my niece. As a matter of fact, my nephew Tommy would fall all over himself when she came over. She was as attractive as she was naive.

But something was missing.

Meanwhile, the guys at work were always hot on her trail. Not interested. I was confused. These guys were good looking, well built and certainly had more in common with her than I did. Still not interested.

Anyway, she still came over my house three or four nights a week after work. I remember her father having a serious problem with me being on the scene. He should have, I was older than him.

I have no earthly idea how we hung on. A couple of years passed and I finally got the nod to move to Arizona as a sales rep.

Our still-awkward relationship disintegrated. Completely. I never thought twice about it and moved on. Like a chapter missing out of a book.

I looked her up on Facebook a few days ago and saw a picture of her and her wife celebrating their five year anniversary. Ya never know.

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