The 9 and 3 o’clock rule:

This is an extrapolation of some very valuable driver training I received on a runway in Bryan, Texas in 1996, courtesy of Dupont Pharmaceuticals. It is an “evasive driving techniques” course of the like given to the secret service, bodyguards and chauffeurs of the rich and famous.

The concept here is that the correct position of the hands on the steering wheel should be at 9 and 3 o’clock, so that if you come up on something quickly in the middle of the road, you’re attacked or there’s an attempted hijack, you can evade the situation not by hitting the brake, but by stepping on the gas, twisting your arms quickly to the right or left and then returning to position after you have escaped to another lane at high speed. Pretty heady stuff.

We practiced this from midnight to sun up on a wet down runway at high speeds with large orange barrels as obstacles. Motion sickness was the norm. The back seat, where the drivers-in-waiting sat, was hell, as you can imagine.

Once we got used to hitting the gas in difficult situations instead of the brake, our chances of survival increased. Took a bit. I was happy just to survive the training, thank you very much.

Now, where does the extrapolation come in? On my road of life I have some serious obstacles in the way. They are big, looming and ever-present. I can either panic and hit the brake and try to mitigate the damage, or gun it and hope another lane of opportunity is open. I’m thinking….balls to the wall! You?

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