I Have A Write To Be Wrong


This business of business. Seems what accounts for it is in the eye of the beholder. This piece is sparked by a digital click on the chin I received from an estranged sister-in-law on LinkedIn. Why she should choose to chime in and possibly exacerbate an already fragile legal/domestic situation is beyond me. It numbs the mind but I guess you would have to know her.

Never one to be able to hold her powder or her liquor, I can only surmise she was sitting at the corner of the bar when she punched in the attack on her phone. Seems what I posit doesn’t pass her smell test but I suspect other motives at play as well. Her talent at room-clearing is legend. I’m grateful she brought it up though, so I can address it.

LinkedIn does not have a legal controlling authority. (Thanks, Al ) It is left up to the participants to police up would-be offenders. Who is deemed an offender and who is not, is up to the LinkedIn hall monitors. Methinks LinkedIn is shirking a responsibility here.

This is where it gets muddy. Just because a submission doesn’t specifically mention a merger, an acquisition or an FDA approval, it doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. When I write a piece about health, exercise, vanity, mental toughness, sales serendipity, some legal or existential conundrum, it is business. Life is business. This country is business. B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S. You cannot separate the professional from the personal.

When I finish a blog I have the option to direct it anywhere, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. Or all of the above. Like a kid flying a kite, I like to see how high it flies. Who knows? 🙂

I have found that opportunity can come from any where. Do I expect work from it? Maybe. Does no one see I am hawking my creativity? Will no one look at a piece for its cleverness and insight? Is that not a viable commodity in today’s myopic slave market?

I went through this whole charade in Big Pharma. They crave creativity and when you serve it up they want the Cliff-Notes. Like Diogenes looking for an honest man, I can only hope some business leader can see my worth through my life experience and self-motivated communications.

At this stage of my life you can fit my resume on the back of a baseball card. The only thing I choose to offer today is my subjective creativity. You can have all the latest state-of-the-art equipment and resources, but if you don’t have that intangible, you ain’t going’ nowhere. In my role as a creative consultant over the years, I’ve walked many a drunk away from the edge.

So, who knows? Maybe someone will have a moment of clarity and want to have me hang around outside that box they’re always talking about. To my critic(s) I would only say, get some help. I did.

Bob O’Hearn


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