You thought you got over on me, dincha? You thought I would curl up, dry up, then blow away, dincha? I would refer you to the thinking of Mr. Darwin, his thoughts on natural selection and why I was bred specifically for these types of challenges.

You have to know that anyone who thought a tour in a war torn country was similar to Club Med, had a rigorous upbringing, but you forgot about that, dincha?

If living well is the best revenge, then I’m tasting blood these days. As my mother used to say, “ A pat on the back is a good thing, as long as it’s low enough and hard enough”. I’ve certainly been brought around to her sagely point of view, time and again.

It’s been a year of wound-licking and reflection. My Spartan, violence filled youth has prepared me for all types of adversity to be sure. I always climb out of the hole. Because it’s always survival of the fittest. But you forgot about that, dincha?

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