Get Off The Bench

I was not looking forward to this period of my life.

I expected I would be sidelined by all the usual curses of aging: bad health, a failing body, loneliness and a feeling of being useless to society.

In fact, I will remember this period as my most productive, rewarding and magical.

“Youth is wasted on the young” was my mother’s favorite saying.

When we are young we have all this energy, enthusiasm and health.

Everything is brand new and it all works. Yippee!

But we have no life experience and we flail around in confusion.

If we knew then what we know, how dangerous we would be.

Plans are just dreams if you can’t execute on them.

Through the years we amass tremendous knowledge and experience as our bodies start to betray us.

Year after year, we slowly cede control of our bodies over to the medical system.

The doctors say. “Well, you are getting older” as they break out the prescription pad that will tether you to them forever.

As I near eighty, I am enjoying this adventure to the fullest.

I feel there are no barriers.

I am older, wiser and more savvy than ever.

I am in top physical condition and I embrace the challenges that life doles out.

I have life experiences that turn into books and that makes me valuable …and dangerous.

I feel the world still needs me. That I can still make a difference. That to me, is exhilarating.

I train and feed my body to meet the rigors of life.

All my parts work perfectly because I exercise them.

A healthy body and a seasoned mind will always prevail.

Life is short. Enjoy every bit of it.

Get off the bench and get back in the game.

The world needs you more than ever.

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One thought on “Get Off The Bench

  1. Bob
    I LOVE getting your emails!
    Thanks for the great motivation and your wonderful sense of humor.
    Looking forward to your next post!
    Much Thanks and lots of love your way!