Workin’ It!

Anyone who follows me knows I have been on an insane work schedule since the beginning of the year. I have two full time jobs, connected by 90 minutes of bike time. I don’t have a car.

Both jobs have me on my feet and moving every minute. Some days are absolutely grueling.

I run five miles, four nights a week, I train with heavy weights and I eat like a foot soldier.

In 2021, I will be 75 years old.

And I am thriving.

I will be considered elderly and “ready to go” on every actuarial table in the insurance industry.

But don’t say it to my face, I might laugh in yours.

Every year I feel better about my life, my body and my overall health. I train, therefore I am. I work my body so it can work for me. The goal is to have a young man’s body and an old man’s wisdom.

And I have it because I work it. The body craves labor. It craves movement and it craves resistance. We were born to struggle. When we don’t, we atrophy. We shrivel up and go away.

I ain’t goin’ nowhere.  🙂

The harder I work it, the better I eat, drink, sleep, think and feel.

We are guilty of lending credence to the “crapshoot: mentality that is laying waste to our senior population.

That notion is filling our assisted living facilities, our nursing homes and our hospitals with souls in disrepair.

We are under the false assumption that a long, healthy life is “luck of the draw.” There’s some truth there, but mostly, it’s bullshit!

I am enjoying the robust health that has eluded me for years because I am….workin’ it. Hard!

You should, too. Your body will love you for it.



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