Making it personal:

“Bob, we understand that the current situation has made it almost impossible for you to hit your projected sales forecast for 2020, so we have decided to cut your territory expectations by 50%” said no sales manager ever.

I predict at some point, sales people are going to have to learn how to independently produce and deliver approved content like we did 20 years ago. (Yes, 20 years ago)

Delivering content using the face of the representative, allows the customer to feel they still have that trust and connection with a human. Their human. The one they might not see every day, but the one they trust as the face of the company.

The one they sign the annual agreement with. People do business with people. Still.

I’m not talking about a forced, stuttering, awkward, hostage tape the likes of which you see on Youtube, I’m talking about compelling, convincing and professional looking information that when projected properly, will drive sales and educate your customer base.

I can help. Just sayin’.

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