The Corporate Lamp Post

Yes, David was a hero, history should be kind. Though Goliath was a giant, he was also blind.

This is the person or persons that initially interview you to screen you for the open position. Usually someone found loitering around the coffee machine that management wants to keep busy. They are refreshing in that they are mostly uninformed, awkward and have a relative in the C-Suite.

They read the hypothetical questions like a first grader and express relief at getting through the process. (And profusely thank you for helping them.)

The other day, I was taken from the lobby to a series of unavailable meeting rooms in an assortment of campus buildings. (Perhaps that was the tour?)

When we finally settled in, there was a mild argument on who would ask what. (Very entertaining.) I became a bit concerned when they asked what position I was applying for. (They didn’t have my resume.)

When we finally got rolling after about 25 minutes, there was a knock on the door. The real interviewers had appeared. With resumes but more confused than the two lamp posts I was initially awarded.

Again, the same questions in the same awkward, halting, way. HR must want the interviews to be spontaneous. (I’ll give them that.) As Leonard Cohen might say, “I have seen the future, and brother it is murder.”

This was a huge company. I am left with only one conclusion: Big is the new stupid.


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