Guardian Angel

I wanted them. They wanted me. A great job with great potential. All I had to do was get my insurance license. In a hurry. So they put me in a fast track program with a dozen other victims.

The deal was, permanent employment would commence in two weeks, IF I passed the state exam.

Which they would gladly pay for as long as I could qualify out of the training with a 70% score.

It started on a Monday morning and I had to succeed by Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm.

It was murder.

At 4:36 Friday afternoon, yours truly is staring at a blinking cursor. They were going to take my badge and wish me a nice weekend in twenty minutes.

I guess the instructor felt bad for me because I only had 10 questions left out of 100, and I was drawing blanks. Big ones.

At that time, there was no one else in the room, so she silently sat down next to me and put her hand over the top of my mouse hand. When I moused over an answer, I felt a gentle pulse. 10 times.

At the end, when I hit the results button….it showed a 70. SEVENTY! Oh my God, I almost collapsed. I thanked her profusely and promised her I would study my ass off for the real test.

And I did. (Oh, did I ever.)

That real test was yesterday in a locked down, totally secure, frightening environment, and I killed it. It seems like a dream now. I got the job and I start Monday. A huge opportunity.

This morning, after bringing my fingerprints to the Arizona Department of Insurance, I looked at my notes from my fast track class.

It seems my instructor needed a brush up course her own self, because those ten answers were wrong.

Bless her little heart anyway.  🙂

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