My Half-Fast Meal Plan


I’ve been extolling the virtues of intermittent fasting for quite a while now. When you temporarily abstain from eating and digesting food, good things happen. Some of you are reluctant though.

You’ve been listening to mommy again. 🙂

So for the shy or timid, the uninformed and the superstitious, I have designed a plan that you will find incredibly easy to follow and will give you the results you’ve been waiting impatiently for.

You fast for as long as you can in the morning, skipping at least breakfast. Then, whenever you do sit down to eat, you eat just half. Don’t panic! You eat the other half two hours later.

This will throw your metabolism into a tailspin and it will be forced to break out the flame throwers.

As we all know when dieting, once the body catches on, the party’s over. Then everything grinds to a halt.

Weight loss stops and we might start even start gaining again.

We don’t want that. Right?

Recap: You fast for half the day, then eat half of your normal next meal, wait two hours and enjoy the other half. Do the same for dinner. Ya with me?

Assuming you eat fairly responsibly, we’re not gonna count calories, carbs or crusts because your metabolic fire will be roaring. That’s the trick.

Fasting like that early in the day, then throwing smaller meals, the kindling, into your furnace to burn those calories, will jack you up metabolically, and break into your fat stores.

Try that for a week and let me know how you fare. You will fare, trust me.

I could have written this piece, Fast-half, but it just didn’t have panache. Get me?  🙂

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