Market your own bad self, why don’t ya?

I’ve been producing my own promotional material for quite a while now and have had quite a bit of fun doing it. It also helps me overcome my shyness. 🙂
I’ve used this approach to introduce myself, thank clients for seeing me, jump the gate at the resume counter and put out some stuff that still gets talked about in certain circles. But due to advice from my attorney, I must refrain from exposing myself (pun intended) from legal jeopardy.
High def is unmerciful, by the way.
This by far, is the most effective method of giving someone a sense of what you’re all about and why you do what you do. What a weapon! When you want to reach, impress, explain, highlight, sell or just plain have someone understand your offering and your company this is the way to go.
I use a tele-prompter, otherwise who knows what will stumble out of my tater trap. Need some help getting started? Let me know. Otherwise, have a seat in the lobby with the rest of the candidates, the doctor will see you shortly.

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