Illegal Seafood


Don’t try this at home.

While I’m on this cooking jag, a large part of my life, I am reminded of things I would do as a new rep. One was to reach into my creativity bag and pull this little trick out. Seeing that I had no idea what I was talking about technically at the time, this never failed me. For targeted cardiologists I would call Legal Seafood and have them ship a crate of live lobster. chowder and steamers to their home address.

I would show up at around 6:00 pm and start preparing the feast. Huge success usually. On my way out once, I heard the doc’s wife on the phone saying. “Oh Marge, tell your husband to order that Cardiolite stuff, the rep just cooked a seafood dinner for us and it was delicious. He also told jokes and played the piano.”

No wonder they were worried about me, in-house.

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