Writing Is A Rite, Right?


Let’s give ’em somethin’ to talk about.

Used to be, when I wanted to fling my thoughts out into the universe, I would write a song or create a newsletter. When I completed the song, I would present it to my band at the next rehearsal and hope it made it onto the set list.

With a newsletter, I would have to write it, print it, envelope it and send it. I learned a couple of things writing a newsletter in that fashion. The first was, I had to write something that would get my audience’s attention, No problem there. The second technique I acquired was what I call, hinting.

Hinting is when you leave enough information out so your audience can fit their experiences into your writing and feel as though you are talking to them. A hint of emotion. Songwriters do this all the time.

I can listen to some songs that trigger a certain emotion inside me that when, let’s say, Don Henley is interviewed, will reveal the impetus for a song that had nothing to do with what I had in mind.

When you get granular, too specific, you don’t leave enough room for the imagination to kick in. I must admit, this takes restraint and a whole lot of intuition.

Never insulting your audience’s intelligence takes some doing but a noble effort in the long run.

It’s like telling a joke to gales of laughter then trying to explain the details. It doesn’t work. Give ‘em enough to insert themselves into your thinking.

Hint, hint.


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