Betrayal As Motivation

Peripheral Antagonism 101

There are lots of motivating factors in the world. A bad diagnosis, financial collapse, rejection, a good old fashion ass whoopin’ and …betrayal. All of the above? The gun’s in the top drawer. 🙂

Whatever pulls you up by your short hairs constitutes motivation.

We can sit around and cry about it, get our heads shrunk or keep playing the tape over and over in our heads and become inert. “How could they do this?” only works for a little while.

But betrayal, betrayal with malice aforethought is the gold standard for back stabbing, up your ass motivation. It just hurts too good.

If you are fortunate enough to have someone close to you twist the knife deep into your ribs, you are on your way to new heights in this world of the passive, bland and humdrum reaction to evil.

Spring will return to your step. You will soon be the boy every man should be.

You will be operating on 10 of your existing 8 cylinders. Your heart rate will quicken along with a sense of “aliveness.” This is why you were born isn’t it?  To get even?

If betrayal doesn’t motivate you, I’m afraid you’re either a Tibetan Monk, or deceased.

Death, where is thy stink?

While living well is the best revenge, getting even is better. Way better. Your eyes will spring open in the morning with delicious thoughts of your victim’s demise. Not death, that’s too quick.

You want to savor their deconstruction. Step by step. Your mouth waters as they turn slowly on the spit. Hand me that baster, please.

Sometimes, when you run out of cheeks to turn, you will have to come around and face your soon-to-be diminished tormentor. With relish.

Fire up the barbie, shall we?


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