Your New Fitness Identity

Somehow, you got the memo. Whether it was frustration, rejection, or doctors orders, you got with the program and started your journey to fitness and health.

Over the years you watched your body change and your outlook brighten. You no longer jumped out of bed, you sprang.

You taught yourself how to eat properly and avoid the diet du jours that are commonplace today.

You started to handle situations differently because of your new found confidence.

With confidence comes grace.

There’s no more tightness at the belt buckle and your clothes are snug in the right places.

You actually like to socialize now and get dressed up again. Whodathunk?

You got used to compliments and learned how to handle them.

You noticed you have expired antacids in your medicine cabinets and there are no orange bottles anywhere in the house.

You embrace rigorous work now because it feels good to you.

You’ve grown accustomed to seeing perfect blood pressure, glucose levels and getting that handshake from the doc.

You grew into an entirely different person and he’s smiling back at you in the mirror.

Yes, you are a brand new you, because your alter ego, Clark Kent……is dead. 🙂

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