You can’t outrun a cheeseburger!

The quickest way to total fitness is nutrition. No matter what anyone tells you about running, jumping, cycling and all manner of flopping around, it won’t mean a thing if you can’t manage what goes down your gullet.

The other critical piece is accountability. In 1999, I hired Mr. Universe, Lance Dreher, to train me. I was in incredible shape after only four weeks. The key was diet and because I was being held accountable.

I can’t stress the importance of accountability enough. I wasn’t going to pay someone to watch me fail. So every week and every weigh in, I was on the money. Uh, my money.

The exercise piece of the program paled in comparison to the individualized meal plan I received. (And still have) The takeaway is: get your nutrition down. Avoid all the fad diets and lean heavily on protein. It is muscle sparing and has a thermic effect that will burn calories for hours.

Take in 30 grams as soon as you get up. It will rev your engine and start burning calories for the day. It will leave you sated and alert as protein synthesis takes place. You will not feel groggy, I promise.

I have started and stumbled on my fitness journey more times than I care to remember, and I hope this information will help you avoid my mistakes.

We will all emerge from this current situation changed forever, wouldn’t it be nice to get a healthier, more muscular body out of the deal?

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