The “ship” has sailed.

In the short time that I worked for LA Fitness, the only topic of conversation in their 900 facilities was “ships” or memberships.

“Ships” was the only thing that mattered. You could use any tactic you could dream up as along as you got your target to sign on the dotted line.

As you can imagine, the resolution filled month of January meant the start of a windfall and the fish would come to you. No one cared whether the “shipee” showed up or not after that. Until next January. And so it would go…..until now.

Gold’s Gym just took the first step in a domino effect that will will affect commercial gyms all over the world…forever. They filed for Chapter 11.

I can’t see how we can safely come out of this situation for years, even decades.

This game is changed.

So now we have to come to terms with our physical health independently. We need to know how to train our bodies with adequate exercise and proper nutrition. At home.

All of this information of course, is on line but in clumps of hype, fear mongering, misinformation and lies.

Most of the cringe inducing pap I see is targeted at loosening the grip on your wallet, and tightening the grip on your monthly budget.

Chemically enhanced athletes are telling us how to achieve results like theirs by hawking sugary drinks with fancy names and meal plans they use on every client.

I said all that to say this: It’s time to focus inward and pull the responsibility of a healthy body and mind back to where it belongs…to us.

I became a personal trainer at the age of 70, after a personal fall from grace and a lengthy rehab. I was an overstuffed 230 pounds with a hot liver and a cold outlook. So I know personally what it takes to come back from the dead.

I left my gym more than a year ago and I never looked back. I work out in the garage where my car used to be.

I run, bike and walk everywhere and have the body, the stamina and the resilience of an adolescent. I’m 74.

I have lots of tips and tricks to share and I’m more than willing to put it out there for you to incorporate into your life.

But understand this first: physical fitness is a head game. Your success depends on what’s between your ears. The brain is your most important body part.

If you come at this logically, you will succeed.

You ready?

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