Personal Training: Staying in the picture

Personal training is not unlike any other consultative sell. You have to ask open ended questions, handle objections, have a strategic path forward, a stretch goal, (pun intended) and a WIFM.

The least difficult is the needs assessment.

Most clients will readily agree there’s a need. What they can’t see is an outcome. They just can’t conjure up a suitable image. A long term goal needs vision and support. That’s where we come in.

There is a whole lot more to a successful client/trainer relationship than just changing the numbers on a weight stack, or yelling, “Gimme one more.”

Trainers are in a delicate position, they can nurture or destroy. If you think your guy or gal is a self possessed creep who’s watching the clock, you’re gonna start missing appointments. That’s a lot of responsibility right there. Especially if a doctor dropped your name. Need I say more?

Oh, and making a personal training cold call could get you killed. “Hey, fat boy, what time are those pants due to explode?”

There are calls at night, e-mails, panic attacks, relationship issues, (serious business) stalls, setbacks and folks who are pulling their own chain as well as yours.

When you take on a a client you are almost like an AA sponsor. You have to be there. You take that responsibility seriously. Very seriously.


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