My Peripheral Heart Action Workout

Starting today, I need to spend less time at the gym, so I need to institute a program that will be efficient and provide a thorough workout for both my musculature and and my cardiorespiratory system. We’re going upstairs/ downstairs without stopping. Here goes:

5:00 am:

Protocol: AMRAP = As many reps as possible

Legs – Quads – Cable squats

Back – Lat pulldowns, seated rowing

Chest – Bench press, dumbbell flyes

Legs – Hamstrings

Shoulders – Lateral raises – Reverse flyes (rear delts)

Legs – Calves

Biceps – Dumbbell curls

Triceps – Cable pushdowns

Repeat for a total of three circuits.

Total time: 46 minutes.

Heart rate: 128 bpm.


Nap. Total time 51 minutes

Resting heart rate upon awakening; 54 bpm.

Have a nice day.


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