Making A Good On-Camera Impression


How do you make a good on camera impression? You have to come through the glass. We’re  all equipped with survival instincts that give us a pretty accurate first read on almost everything we see. In a split second. And we make these decisions all day long. Such is the power of imagery.

I remember a particularly difficult interview/shoot with a director of HR in a large pharmaceutical company. I had seen him before on site and didn’t get a very good feel from him even though we’d not been introduced. Nothing specific, just gut.

During the interview he lived up to my initial reaction.He was defensive, argumentative, didn’t like the questions, the answers and everything in between. And he wrote them! Tough customer!

There was a major company downsizing on the way and he needed to inform employees as clearly and delicately as possible. Once he rewrote his lines, and the cameras started rolling, and he turned on his version of charm, we got through the shoot.

That evening, while editing the footage my wife came up behind me and blurted out “Oh my, who is that? She had an extremely negative reaction to him even though he had on his game face. “There’s something about him that makes me uncomfortable”!

The moral; The camera reveals more than you think. If you’re nervous, unsure, not confident in the message, got something else on your mind or just not into it. Your audience will surely pick up on it.They have years of viewing experience, remember. My role as a producer is to make you look good and bring out your best.

Well, most of the time anyway 🙂

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