Lipstick For Your Afterthought?

I am entertaining quite a few business offerings these days on my road to re-enlightenment. After making the leap from Boston to Phoenix, I decided to get my resume out there to see what I might find. As it turns out, there are some pretty interesting scenarios. You can do almost anything these days as a 1099. Sales, marketing, distribution, the list goes on.

I like the idea because I don’t want to sit around someone else’s office all day putting in my time. Having my own business for years, Double O Creative, I have grown accustomed to life and death by my own hand.

One of the big reasons for putting away my entrepreneurial aspirations was creative differences. Wrangling with clients over style and delivery got to be a bit much. Having employees was no day at the beach either. I am no Father Flanagan,  and I don’t always suffer fools lightly.

What made my business successful for the most part, was my understanding of the business world and the application of multimedia to gain eyeballs. Too many cooks, especially the untrained variety, will always spoil the broth. So I folded up my tent and headed west.

My fat lady hasn’t taken the stage yet, so I must remain relevant these days to survive. Today, I received a job offer along with a “prospective new rep video” to get me up to snuff with my potential new employers. This piece of afterthought had the effect of grounding out any enthusiasm I might of had for this medical equipment outfit.

I can almost hear the conversation as it was being produced. “Ah, this is good enough, we just want them to get an idea of how the company works.” Been there, done that.

It was a series of screen grabs with a horrible, echo-filled audio track. Complete with dead air, aahs and ums. Right away, I think they’re a bunch of second-rate wannabes. It brought back memories of everything I disliked about my previous adventure. How you present yourself to someone, anyone, in this fashion is critical. But if you have to tell them, you’re wasting your time.

If this is what they think is going to attract employees, their customers are faring no better. I fear.

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