Leading From The Middle

Above you are the incompetents, the climbers, the narcissists and the would-be leaders. Below you are the grumblers, the complainers, the constantly tardy and the followers.

They wait. They wait for change. They wait for seniority-based promotions, unearned opportunity and another stimulus package from the government.

You… have other ideas. You show up every day and you bring it.

You bring your smile, your attitude and your willingness to learn. You show up hoping to bring a little joy to everyone around you.

You leave negativity at the door.

You greet everyone within six feet of you like you are delighted to see them and you call them the sweetest thing they’ve ever heard…their name. Whether it’s returned or not.

When someone asks how you’re doing, you say “Terrific, thanks, and you?”

You set the tone. You create the atmosphere. You don’t hope for a good day, you make one. Your bravery, your kindness, your empathy and your thoughtfulness makes you the leader you have become today.

You are bigger than life in a world that can be small and tedious.

Because you are leading from the middle.

Thank you.

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