I’m still standing: (Rough outline)

As I am starting to write my book, I thought I should put a bucket list together of my life events. It’s just a rough list of reminders to keep me on track. Not edited or been given much thought and I’m sure I’ve left a lot out. All of a sudden I feel like I need a nap.  🙂

Large family
Oldest of 10 kids
Violent father
Catholic school – expelled
Jail: One year Division of Youth Services: Breaking and entering
Sexually abused while incarcerated- State cop- Marvin Pratt
21 Drunk arrests
Army- 2 years, Vietnam, 1 year, Tet Offensive
Alcoholism – Drug addiction
Chef’s training Institute – Northeastern
Fantasia restaurant 15 years total – Never drew a sober breath
Musician – Guitar – Keyboards – Berklee, bands, drugs, alcohol
Skidder Munroe Band More drugs, more alcohol + cocaine + unintentional heroin
AA + Jesus + Fasting + New me
Fitness – running + weights + interest in nutrition
Dupont/Bristol Myers Squibb – Distribution, Customer service, Sales, Marketing, video production.
Company relocation to Arizona
Marriage (First time, 55 years old)
Move back to Boston
Double O Video, Double O Creative
Second home in Arizona
Cars, horses, travel
Ambien, Lunesta, Soma, Tramadol, Zoloft, Xanax
Back to alcohol
VA Detox: I was 230 pounds and combining Xanax and alcohol. (Stroke recipe)
Detox: Barracks living, drunks, addicts, psychos, constant screaming and suicide watch
Mutual marital separation
I sell my $600,000 home and give her half of the proceeds. $100,000
Close to declaring Bankruptcy. Need her to help with bills.
Credit card companies tell me she’s not culpable on our marital debt.
Wife files restraining order ????
Move back to Arizona with my two little dogs
I get numerous certifications in insurance and personal training. Selling insurance is a joke.
Wife divorces me ex-parte saying she doesn’t know where I am. Empties our joint bank accounts then closes them.
My two little dogs die.
I have nothing now.
I start seriously training to get healthy and help me sleep without medication.
IRS comes after me. They do not fuck around.
Every job I get is a fucking nightmare. I was escorted off a Verizon site by security after a blow up with a manager.
For two years I live hand-to- mouth
January 2020, I get a job at Lowe’s and I am seeing more than daylight.
From August 14, 2016, to August 2020, I lose 65 pounds
I am now writing this book
One thiing is sure, it’s been a wild ride.
And more importantly……
I’m still standing.

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