I Sat This One Out

I didn’t vote. Plain and simple. I abstained willfully and without prejudice. I chose to sit this one out. I don’t have to dance if I don’t like the music. And this music sucked.

Some people who do vote, don’t have enough information to pass a smell test. They go off of wild, visceral reactions to people they’ve never met and actually think they’re voting their conscience. Maybe they are.

Lots of folks vote their W.I.F.M. (what’s in it for me?) Some folks actually vote one way because they hate the other way. Their choice.

When I was a kid, I remember all the fanfare about the Kennedys and that Camelot thing. Most of the talk about JFK from the women voters at the time was how nice looking he was. There’s command of the issues for you. It still goes on today.

We find out later he was a drug addicted, serial philanderer who almost got the world blown up.

His father made a deal with the mob, JFK and his little brother betrayed them and history will tell you the rest.

I once asked my father during the conventions at the time if we were Republicans or Democrats. He said “Democrats, we’re working people.” See? Let’s all get in line and vote the straight party ticket. No thanks. I voted for Obama in 2008. He never did me any harm.

When people tell me it’s my duty to vote, I’m thinking, really? You could fill a state with what I don’t know about the issues. Most of those are above my pay grade anyway. I’m too busy enjoying my freedom from dictators and religious zealots to burrow in on pork subsidies.

Fifty years ago I put on a uniform, grabbed a rifle and headed off to some third world stink hole. That was my duty. My only duty. If I choose to sit one out because I ran out of clothespins, good on me. I make excuses to no one.

Though I will not hide my schadenfreude at the demise of the Clintons. They can shuffle off to Buffalo or wherever with my blessing.

The comedian Flip Wilson had a skit, years ago, about performers “staying on to long.” High time for them, I’m thinking.

Yes, democracy sucks. But if we all really want to vote responsibly, I’m thinking there ought to be a test. One I surely won’t pass.


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