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Sure we’re doing this right?

 Full Disclosure: I get more business rehabilitating projects that have gone to hell than I start up. Should have named my company “Triage.” It looks so easy and so much fun who could resist donning a beret and manning the director’s chair? Looking back over the last year a lot of folks came to the conclusion, “this video stuff is hard!” Well, good, effective corporate video doesn’t have to be hard if it is planned out and executed correctly.

Having run in-house studios for the last decade at least, I have witnessed a lot of good ideas that went wildly out of control, missing the mark by making the same mistakes and underestimating the power of video story telling. The trend I’m seeing lately is the migration from calling in a video production unit to producing “home grown” video content for internal or external use using available employee, staff and leadership.

The stats for using video as a marketing communication tool are staggering but so are the numbers on ineffective, under produced and sometimes annoying and laughable attempts at reaching and moving an audience. It’s only video, how hard can it be?

There’s no getting around it, you will need more than e-mail, a web site and a pdf to get people’s attention today. Nothing has the impact and retention as the moving image delivered on the go for successful marketing, training and informational campaigns.

This year I resolve to impart more of my experience and knowledge to clients who really want to make a difference, a lasting impression and of course a little R.O.I to make for a successful 2015.

If you would like to have a conversation on how you can get started developing the kind of content that will make a difference in your company should you decide to bring this modality in-house, leave a comment and we can chat. I love sharing the possibilities.

This year, I will be podcasting (audio and video) with interviews and tips to get you rolling. I will be sharing my successes and my nightmares also.

You can also drop me a note at bob@enlightenedrogue.com. Love to hear from you. This going to be a great year.




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