%$#&% Grinders!


What’s a grinder you ask?

Son: “Dad, can I have $50 dollars? Dad: “$40 dollars? What do you want $30 dollars for?

That’s a grinder. The uninformed run of the mill, clueless dingbat that starts negotiating price of a video before they even tell you their name or organization. I got one yesterday. There are parts of my business that I really hate and I think it’s more than permissible, actually mandatory to be under the influence of something, anything if you could only anticipate these types of calls.

They have no information. They have no objective. No vision. The woman who called me started getting nervous when I explained my background, experience and capabilities. “Oh, you sound really top end, we probably wouldn’t be able to afford you.”

I explained that it doesn’t have to be expensive. I do these things all the time. Then she launched into a hysterical dialogue with herself about how little money she had and how they probably would go broke. That schizophrenic episode would have easily given me enough time to step outside and spark up just to get on her same emotional level.

Seems she wanted to interview a bunch of her entrepreneurial clients on camera speaking highly of her organization and put them on You Tube to grow her business. I mentioned a few companies that I had done that for and were very successful. No help.

She started speaking in tongues again and moaning how expensive I must be. She told me she had other quotes out there and told me who they were. I know them and know for sure this will not bode well for her. Still, no actual dollar amount mentioned.

This is just another example of how video for business is so misunderstood. It’s thought of as either really expensive, no big deal, and the clincher : FUN! Fun? Like home movies fun? Makes you want to get a paper route.

I’m not going to submit that quote. You think that project situation will get any better? I think not. I’m going to clear that call from my temporal lobe and try to remember why I love what I do. In spite of the grinders and the misinformed, price only un-clients. If you want to look like an episode of “Caught on Camera” use your smart phone.

Now, where do I get my thirty minutes back?

Note: I was trying to tell her I would do it for zip because I am happy to help budding entrepreneurs but she ground me down. Guess she showed me.



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