Oops! Is getting obvious, isn’t it?

Are you getting it?Again?

“Oops, (variable) we wanted to reach out to you about a typo regarding the last five e-mails we sent you about the date of our the upcoming, quickly selling out meeting. Great news! It’s actually two weeks later. Which still gives you even more time to register at a drastically reduced rate. What a great opportunity for you. So hurry!”

And so it goes. Smell anything here? Being a conspiracy theorist and a general pain in the ass, I read motive into everything. But this type of thing is occurring at an annoying rate from all corners of my world. I’m thinking they probably add a typo somewhere in there on purpose so they can reach out to you again if you don’t respond. Such is the clumsy, harmful relationship killers of the on line business world.

When are businesses going to realize you can do more harm than good by getting too cute by half using a short lived e-mail campaign? Creating false urgency, cranking up the volume and feigning customer intimacy (screw that last one up and you are dead in the water). Going for volume hoping to get a half a dozen reeled in will get you locked out forever with the rest of the fish in your pond.

Automation detonation!

Couple of quick points. Access is disappearing. On line will be most of your entry point in the near future. Don’t be pigs! Don’t shoot at the whole flock to get maybe a few birds. Use this tool with the same caution and respect as any human interaction. You never get a second chance…

Yeah, I’m pretty cynical but I’ve seen and been through it all. From total non-acceptance to the flak battles we are witnessing now. If you want to have an on line relationship, do your homework first. It will pay off.

Oops! Gotta go!




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