Have Fun-Will Travel


I traffic in ideas.

I’m a serial content creator. I create for every platform. I find creating content fun. It’s it fun, I do it.

I am also a compulsive communicator. I have been littering social media with my forward thinking ideas and solutions for decades.

I had my own web site up in 1995 before people knew of its real power. I introduced e-mail and viral marketing to BMS in 2002. Well before they were using those technologies as a viable means of communication.

I developed a lot of my skills in the sales force. While still acting as a territory manager in the field, I developed and managed web sites and newsletters for nuclear cardiology customers of Dupont and Bristol Myers Squibb.

I conceived, shot, edited and produced “Taking The Test,” the patient education video for Cardiolite™ patients for worldwide distribution.

I also created and spearheaded the multimedia department for BMS using video, digital signage, graphic design and web design.

I am an idea generator. I write books, articles and blogs. I have been posting “The Enlightened Rogue Blog” for ten years as well as my Enlightened Rogue Fitness online training site.

I am an accomplished graphic designer and as a musician I also write and arrange original music. A valuable commodity in a litigious corporate world.

I am also a passionate health and fitness writer, certified in personal training, weight loss, nutrition, and senior fitness. I train my clients online

I script, produce, edit and deliver professional corporate video to train, communicate and enlighten.

I produced all the executive communications for Lantheus Medical Imaging while my services were engaged.

As a graphic artist I provided all multimedia content for trade shows and national sales meetings.

I have “live streamed” large company meetings around the world from a laptop. Successfully.

I am a devout entrepreneur, sales manager, professional chef and all around entertainer. I did stand up in the Boston area for years. In that space, communication is do-or-die.

Everything in life is based on timing. Bah da bump.

My creativity has launched products, started businesses, trained sales forces and created departments in big Pharma and biotech companies up and down the east coast.

I am available to inject my years of creative experience into your business, project or passion. Insuring your venture a healthy revenue stream.

If you think you mighty benefit from my successful years in the creative space, please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s have some fun.

Please note: I welcome comments that are offensive, illogical or off-topic from readers in all states of consciousness.

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