Gun Barrel Is An Acquired Taste!

Strait jacket

OK, kiddies, here’s a little something to think about as you get older.
Most likely, you’ll be born liberal and die conservative. (Unless you’re a roadie, a fry cook, a host on MSNBC, or a left, tenured, radical Harvard Law professor, a community organizer, or both.)

You will own property. You will have something to lose. The president will be younger than you. No matter how much you weigh, you will be referred to as a “fat cat.” By this time you will have been taxed into dementia, had your wealth redistributed and get your diapers changed from a visiting nurse who doesn’t accept Obamacare.

You will know first hand what the term “bowels in an uproar” means. You will start thinking Dublin’s not a bad place to move your business. You will steer clear of the VA when your back goes out and you won’t wait to cash your Social Security check.

You will be wheeled away from the TV set every night with spittle running down your chin and be hoarse from screaming. Fox News will start making sense and your dream of Maddow and Sharpton getting banished to Saturday Night Live will become reality.

And every time you hear that certain “droning” voice you will know why you would much rather be “sucking on a gun barrel.”


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