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Say it!

Well, say it!

All this bullshit about social media being a communication game changer is so duh, and it’s being totally misused, abused and mostly getting refused. This technology is your voice, your only voice. Unless you’re dead already and you may as well be, if no one has any clue you even have a carbon foot print except Al Gore. You don’t need a mirror under your nostrils to realize you exist.

There’s no time to be navel gazing and getting all self conscious about how someone might take your thoughts and opinions. If you have knowledge, share it. If you are seeing a trend that pisses you off, speak it. Use all the available technological tools we have available today. It’s time to toot your own horn. Here’s your horn.

Opportunities aren’t going to come hunting you down like Diogenes looking for an honest man. The world is too busy. It’s noisy, cluttered and generally confused. Take the microphone. No one’s gonna ding you on spelling or grammar these days. Get in the mix or wither on the vine. If you claim to be an expert at something, then act like it. Stick your mug out there and introduce yo bad self.

There’s a huge, universal conversation going on out there and all bets are off. As I’m fond of saying, “call me anything but late for supper.” You can spend years on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and never share one original thought. What a shame. No one’s going to think you’re brilliant looking at the brownies you just baked or those tired old bromides about leadership and how you can be a better chameleon on a job interview. You want to be a human pretzel? Have at it!

If you want to be one of those “creepers” that watch all those fools make fools of themselves, be my guest. Just don’t be sitting by the phone and checking e-mail waiting to be discovered.

Only the strongest, loudest, opinionated, most insightful and clever will get noticed today. Build yourself a platform and get on it. Weigh in.

When Priscilla said to John Alden who was proposing for Miles Standish, “why don’t you speak for yourself, John? Things changed.

Open your pie hole and let it rip. You might start off a little off key but the audience will love you for trying.

By the way, you’re on next.

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