‘Cherchez la femme’

She’s always up to somethin’…….

This is Susan O’Hearn, my lovely wife. The last message I got from her said we were divorced. She is such a kidder. And a practical joker too. She called the cops on me, ran off with all my furniture, and shut down two of my active bank accounts just for fun. Isn’t she clever?

She is seen here after purchasing an entire Home Depot building just to get a better price on mulch. Never one to pass up a bargain, that one.

Just like Lucille Ball when it comes to money, she’ll always buy the dumbest and most expensive things and then tell me a great big whopper. So cute. And quite the imagination, too.

Now, she probably thinks I’m mad at her for robbing me blind, siccing the feds on me and almost getting me thrown into prison, but I’m not. I’m still crazy about her and want her to come back to me….with my money. 🙂

Maybe she can have a long chat with that nice therapist she was always complaining about me to. Dr. Musello?

So honey, if you are reading this, please come home. All is forgiven, you crazy kid, you.

Love always, Bobo

P.S. Don’t forget the money.

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