Call your cousin Lenny …


with the dopey little camera he snagged on E-Bay for a hundred bucks when you just want “coverage” for an event or panel discussion or even a celebration that will go absolutely nowhere.

Why spend the money to “archive” a special occasion, sales meeting or make a dumb corporate training video? Even worse, the epoch company overview attempt that will induce narcolepsy. Why pay for something you will never use, you didn’t properly plan for and won’t benefit anyone? Call your cousin Lenny.

Video is a strategy. Period. Today, especially today, it is by far, the most valuable and potent tool you will ever have. Access to audiences, customers, clients, employees, anyone, is disappearing. Attention is a valuable currency. With all the distractions we have today why diminish yourself in an effort at self gratification? Call your cousin Lenny.

I have gotten my business to a point where I can query a potential client on what their intentions are with a video. I ask about ROI, the audience, impact and relevance. I usually get an unsettling feeling when they use the word “just.”

“We “just” want to capture it, we “just” want a simple video, we “just” want to slap it on our web site, nothing fancy” That is not what I do. I’m not interested. Call your cousin Lenny, who will gladly stand at the back of the room locked down on a tripod playing “Angry Birds” in total disconnection.

That is not what I do. I took the word “video” off of Double O and added Creative for a reason. I have many years in the saddle and been in many a rodeo. I reserve the right to participate only in projects that will educate, enlighten or “move” an audience. If you can’t create useable knowledge, what’s the point then? Certainly at this stage of my life I would like to make a difference and help my clients reach and move their audiences.

I appreciate you reaching out, but surveillance videos aren’t my specialty. I love ya, but I really think you should call your cousin Lenny.

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