Work Life Balance, Fairness, (and other fantasies)

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Ah, yes, the unicorns of the business world. Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a concept out of my hat! These terms make me mental. Like hitting the lottery or a balanced budget, nice, but the odds aren’t there.

I actually know adults who use these terms with a straight face. As one psychologist told me, “Forget balance, show me how to juggle.”

Here’s my thinking: The world is not balanced and it’s not fair. It’s admirable to strive for balance, but it never works. At least not to everyone’s satisfaction. Fairness? Please! This ain’t baseball, it’s life! Not that we shouldn’t keep striving for balance and fairness but we should understand that they’re nice fluffy concepts but not always reality.

There will always be some crybaby that is gonna grab the mic and start getting all Patrick Henry about how inconvenient his work life is, that there’s not enough balance and that’s just not fair. Oh, does somebody need a hug?

Well, in case you haven’t noticed Dorothy, there’s a shitload of imbalance and unfairness going around these days, so you might want to pull yourself together, get over it and pitch in. There’s the cure right there. Ask not…

When you truly care and have a “how can I help attitude” you’re not focused so much on yourself and the distribution of good fortune back to you. You also won’t have a breakdown when you get your “tough shit” ticket punched. Which inevitably, you will.

When you throw the “that’s not fair” thing at me, I have two thoughts: you’re either a five year old, or a certain thing didn’t go your way. But alas, you will always be among us so we will have to endure.

I think “as much as reasonably possible” should be added to both the “Work-Life Balance” and “Fairness”concepts.  Fair and balanced? That’s only a  Fox News line and that’s a load of fertilizer!



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