Are You A Genius In A Dark Room?

Genius Darkroom

Yoo hoo! Time to come out of there all you brainiacs! We see you in there! All you market research robots, IT code monkeys, global business developers, international sales directors and the rest of you prisoners. Oh, almost forgot, finance people. You guys are usually stashed in a bunker somewhere. Today is your lucky day, you’re going to become part of the world again. The days of no eye contact and monosyllabic grunts to no one in particular are gone.

Full disclosure: I am a recluse. I watch Lock Up Raw on MSNBC (another form of punishment) and think getting thrown into administrative segregation or the hole would be a vacation. I can go days, weeks or months without leaving the house, or speaking if I didn’t have to. I have always been able to entertain myself under the most mundane circumstances. When Susan is away my voice box would atrophy if it wasn’t for my dogs. I mean, you have to say something when they shit on the rug.

BUT, when I’m around other human beings, it is so totally rejuvenating. I absolutely come alive after my shot of humanity. All my synapses are firing and any aches, pains or worries disappear. It’s extremely critical in today’s world where the rise of digital and online communications means that the person to person experience is disappearing as we rely less on the up close and personal. You must turn that around if you want to survive.

Which is the focus here: The critical importance of overcoming digital isolation. Being a genius in a dark room where being recognized and rewarded is based on how many golden eggs you lay is not sufficient anymore. You are being outed. Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, we are all in sales, we are all trying to make a lasting impression.

We need to ensure that no one ever says, “who’s that guy, what does he do? You need to wire that institution. Meet new people or reconnect every week. It’s amazing when you start opening up your world and getting the big picture. Call it sales, call it politics, it’s vital. You need to be seen and heard in more places than the cafeteria or the awkward wait at the towel dispenser in the restroom.

With all this technology flooding our lives and dulling our senses, you will need to be remembered and thought well of by every one you deal with or come in contact with. You have to connect and it has to be memorable.

So wipe the crust  off your personality bunky, because now, more than ever, you are going to need it to be a marketable commodity. Be in the moment. Be totally awake at all times. Don’t get lulled into that false sense of security that a repetitive job function brings. Look at what you’re doing. Really look and think how you might do it better. Before someone else does. Learn to toot your own horn without being obnoxious. (There’s an art form right there.)

Learn to listen to people, really listen. Deeply. Be the Linchpin. Speak up constructively at meetings. Contribute. For God’s sake, make some eye contact.

Memo: You are not a mushroom.

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