Running a Non-Company!

Technology in the hands

Let’s just friggin’ collaborate, OK? Structure leads to fracture. If people want to be owned and operated, join the military. If you want some place warm to go in the winter, get a tanning bed. If you would like to contribute a marketable skill set to a worthy endeavor, then the world awaits. Can I get an amen?

Pardon my schadenfreude, but seeing that I never got an MBA and the toughest five years of my life was the eighth grade, I am over the moon with joy and anticipation in this “disruptured” economy. Now let’s see what happens when the gloves come off.

The glass is not half full or half empty, it’s broken! Yipee!

Talk about a level playing field. Now, anyone with a good idea has a place to shove it. The world is your oyster. You can blog and face and tweet your ass off. There are no more barriers to success (I always hated that term). If you’ve got the goods then belly up to the bar. The best ideas don’t always have to come from Wharton or Harvard. I never let common sense get in the way of my “eureka” moments.

There’s no more cradle to grave punch in and lunch out. We’re all naked in the same pool of Jell-o! I am not running a company, I am part of a collaborative effort to help other vision-driven organizations create their story.That is what’s cool. That is what’s important. Crazy ideas and unbridled creativity are what it takes to run a non-company. Oh, and maybe a lower than normal I.Q. Works for me!

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