Series: Why video is critical to your business!

teleoperatorAs a corporate video producer for the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work with large and small organizations to develop messaging aimed at internal and external audiences. Over the years, before on-line streaming became possible, there was a certain coolness factor to shooting corporate video because it was a nice to have, not a must have. Mailboxes were jammed with VHS tapes and DVDs.

A lot has happened over the last five years that make video critical to the growth and success of business today. In this upcoming series I will outline the creative ways I have used video for inbound marketing, product highlights, new hire technical and sales training, safety, patient and customer education, company overviews, company culture, Information Technology updates, HR programs, executive messaging, recruitment, live streaming meetings and creating presentations for trade shows.


The first issue I will share concerns what makes a company: marketing. Having survived my share of product launches, I know first hand the importance of precise and consistent messaging, especially in the early stages. When a new product or services gets introduced everyone must be playing from the same sheet of music. Marketing (of course) sales, IT, technical support, customer service and manufacturing. All must execute. An enormous responsibility.

If you were a product manager, and you were bringing a new offering to market, wouldn’t you want to be sure the whole team was on the same page? Wouldn’t you develop an introductory on line video message to customers that softened the ground for your sales force?

Wouldn’t you want to be dead bang sure that all the features and benefits were properly and thoroughly introduced so that customers would receive a consistent message?

Wouldn’t you want selling scenarios and technical updates on line so reps could go back and refresh their recollection? (To use a legal term.) Companies don’t need to be flying reps all over the country for refresher training. Even new hires can at least get a leg up when just getting on board.

Creative, well thought out video presentations can and does, serve a critical role in your successful product launches.

Your job depends on it.

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