Putting Your Company Second

Second place

I’ve been muscled out of many a boardroom presenting this strategy. It is considered back assward by many “brand forward” thinkers. The fact of the matter is your customers have varying degrees of challenges, motivations and desires and you might not be on the top of their list. OK, digest that and come back to me. By knowing that and addressing the issues your customers are facing in your industry and by being a helpful expert, you will be going a long way toward a long term, durable relationship. Put your ear to the ground, anticipate issues and provide solutions. Step up!

Yes, step up and provide the world with your savvy and your generosity. That’s right generosity. Be the good citizen. The one that everyone talks about. The one that sets the rules of engagement for your industry. We only do business with people we trust. Once we get over ourselves and leave the metrics aside, we can start forging the types of bonds that will endure whatever challenges may present themselves. When you put information first and your company second you will have the brand awareness you seek. Not by fire hosing your audience with “hit ’em ten times” takeaway messaging.

If you are who you think you are, then communicate with your audience in a way that is personal, familiar and interesting. Put the brand forward approach aside and provide the leadership that is required to be successful in today’s market.

Do you have the solutions that your customers need? Are you the leader in your industry? Then act like it!


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