Overcoming Objections

It’s 1:00 am, my body is aching from a brutal, physically challenging day at work yesterday.

I should be on the road by now pumping out my customary five miles. My body says “no” but my OCD says “go.”

My allergies are flaring, my head is full and my balance is “iffy.” Running today is against my better judgement. Or, my inner weenie.

Then I remember my military training. The times where a twelve mile forced march was scheduled and the heavens would open up to thwart us.

Where the South Carolina heat and humidity could drown you where you stood. Still, nothing changed the objective.

Or, helicopter assault training in the Rockies while prepping for Vietnam when it started snowing. I thought, “My God, they can’t be serious?”

In the military it was always business as usual. None of these conditions made a difference. Nothing changed the objective.

Troops have to move. Once a decision is made, it needs to be acted on. Wars don’t get rained out, snowed out, or cancelled because of the heat index.

I learned that nothing should get in the way of your objectives.

In video production you plan the shoot, then you shoot the plan.

That lesson was burned into my soul on a frigid Pike’s Peak, a flooded tent and a steaming, unforgiving jungle.

Conditions might change but the objective shouldn’t.

Objections are meant to be overcome. Objectives must be carried out.

Yes, my body is objecting at the moment but nothing changes the objective.

And so it goes.

And so I go.


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