Here’s Where the Talkin’ Ends

I am 5″11, 169 pounds. I take no medications save for a low prophylactic dose of BP med.

I live like a Spartan and I run five miles every night while most of you are sleeping.

A bicycle is my principle mode of transportation and I use heavy resistance weight training throughout the week.

At 74, I am sporting a 30 inch waist, wide shoulders and a hard body.

I also frame my blood work.

Four years ago, I was sitting in a rehab induction room at the VA in Bedford Ma. I was highly intoxicated from a combination of alcohol, Xanax, muscle relaxers and Ambien.

When they removed my shoes and belt and helped me on to a scale, I tipped it at 229 pounds.

My video production business was dead in the water, my marriage was over, I was heavily in debt and I was just crossing over into stroke territory. .

I had a fork sticking out of me.

That was 60 pounds and 15 body fat percentage points ago. I was just turning 70 years old.

These days, I am totally immersed in fitness. For two reasons: It interests me and it feels good.

As you can imagine, I have had to endure all the misinformation and the “bro science” from those of my gender who have never had a weight problem or a drug problem.

Those, fifty years my junior, who have never experienced their manhood, their money and their sobriety disappearing.

Men who have never had their wife tell them when they were at their weakest and most vulnerable, “you’re not the man I married.”

Been there, done that.

This is to everyone who is sticking to the script their doctors, society and conventional wisdom has written for them. You can not only get healthy, robust, athletic and more productive in your senior years, you can blow the actuarial tables out of the water.

Been there and done that, too. (So far)

So it’s time for the talking to end and the action to begin.

I’m not looking for your money or your attention. I don’t need you to call me, sign up with me, subscribe to me, fatten my blog counts, visit my web page, buy my affiliated products or carry my child.

I’m only hoping that you get the message about how much potential we, as humans, have in our later years.

That’s what I hope.

Now, go get ’em.


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