Music For Your Ears

Musically speaking, as I look back on my long, multi faceted career, I would have to liken it to a symphony.

As a chef, a musician, a video producer and a sales and marketing pro, I couldn’t hit a bad note.

My career had a rhythm to it that kept me gigging for more than forty years. I had solo as well as ensemble gigs that I could use to harmonize my skills.

Being a musician, I knew how to play to my audience.

When I left the professional stage I wasn’t looking for a reprise. I had my own scores to write.

These days, I choose to be a sideman jumping in and out of gigs I enjoy. Music to my ears. Not someone else’s.

The whole point of this article is to say that as much as I enjoyed my professional career, I also enjoyed its demise. We will all face that demise at some point.

That’s when the music stops. That’s when the corporate, logical foot comes off your creative neck and you are free to look up from the written music.

You don’t have to play someone else’s music. You can improvise.

When the music stops is when you are forced to confront yourself in ways you never have before.

This is when your Bolero can turn to into a dirge. If you are plagued with health and physical problems, problems you didn’t head off while you were younger, your maladies will finally get the spotlight.

Retirement is not for the faint of heart. If you were smart, you saved your money and invested wisely. Likewise, if you were smart, you trained your body and invested in your long term health.

When the music stops and the only chair left in the room has wheels on it, you might have run out of time. You missed your cue.

Don’t miss a beat, get on the bandwagon early, enjoy your encore, maestro.

Time for your solo.

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