In my opinion…


I’m an alcoholic. They say it’s a disease. I say it’s a choice.

It’s a choice I make to live one day at a time.

Maybe what happens to you when alcohol gets in your system is a disease, but I choose not to let that happen.

I nip that decision in the bud everyday if I want to live my best life, or even live at all.

In my opinion, once you label something a disease, you mitigate responsibility and prescriptions started getting written.

NOW they are trying you label obesity a disease.

NOW you will see more and more people taking less and less responsibility for their weight and their overall health.

NOW big pharma doesn’t just have to target diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

NOW they can just target one big FAT disease.

NOW the drugs will flood the market and once again we will have a portion of the population who will label themselves victims instead of irresponsible and careless.

By that act they will be disempowering millions of overweight people.

THEN, they will wait a year and drop the threshold for what constitutes obesity.

Like dropping BMI from 30.0 to 25.0.

The same thing the CDC did with blood pressure ranges, they changed 140/90 to 120/80.

Do you know how many more hypertensive patients that produced?

Cha ching!

Soon, we will have a drug for everything but stupidity.

And they’re probably working on one right now.

I can’t weight.

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