Get over it!

Get over it

Who me? Nah, get one of my people, I’m not good on camera. I don’t like that stuff. I’m just not comfortable…. why do we need a video anyway? Besides, isn’t this expensive?

If I had a dollar every time I heard that, I’d be typing this from a hammock in the Virgin Islands. Get over it!

Truth is, we’re all gonna be TV personalities by the time the decade is over. Time to warm up to the idea that your image and likeness will be slapped all over cyberspace, so you may as well put on a happy face and manage your own press. Get over it!

I say this all the time, but “up close and personal” is turning into “closed for the season.” To move your audience and make an impression takes “flipping the switch” in their head. Get them to feel as though they know you and trust you even when you can’t get anywhere near them, at least physically.

That’s why on camera media training and presentation skills are so important. It’s really the same game but with a different approach. In sales, the road warrior has gone digital and the client call is delivered seamlessly on line. Hopefully to someone who’s permission you sought beforehand.

But that’s just the beginning. Now we’re talking performance art. This is what separates the pros from the weak, pleading, awkward, poorly produced and unexpected video I just watched, and what prompted this article.

Once you get past the technology it’s all in the execution. If you don’t execute, well….  get over it!

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