The Art of Pitch Walking!

Pitch Walking

What’s in your smartphone?

I call it pitch walking. When you spot the key decision maker, or economic buyer walking down the hallway and you need to get their attention quickly, the multimedia tools on your smartphone or iPad can be critical. You never know when opportunity is going to present itself.

We’re all busy and attention is currency as I like to say, so some guerrilla tactics are in order. Whether it’s a video, slide presentation or just a picture, it’s content, content, content. What happens at that moment can lead to a more detailed meeting later.

The content my company creates is specifically aimed at mobile devices for just this type of scenario. Influencing and impressing busy people takes a bit of agility these days. But it’s more than that. As in any sales pre-call planning, you need to be prepared, have your content loaded and ready to make your point in a split second.

That being said, it takes practice to walk, talk and chew bubble gum. I’ve seen some pretty awkward attempts at pitch walking. It’s an art form once you get it down.

Full disclosure: I once slid a loaded iPad with a video playing under a stall door much to the surprise and confusion of a CFO. He’s a friend of mine with a good sense of humor, but boy, that story went viral. I can talk more about it once the case is settled:)

Time and attention, that’s what we’re after. Why do you think they call them smart devices?

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