You Rat!


Docket# 17D2609

So you divorced me behind my back. You knew where I was. It was granted on June 15, 2018 and made absolute on September 14. Absolute? You made sure you sat on it for the whole 90 days so I couldn’t defend myself. Then only revealing it to me in October when you wanted off that bank account. You know, the inconvenient bank account the IRS is hitting. For..our...marital..debt.

All the while telling them a bold faced lie that you had no idea where I was. Nice work, you rat. You weren’t ever going to tell me. Ever. Nice.

You do everyone like that? Especially the ones who brought you in and gave you a life you never dreamed possible? Trusted you with all their earthly possessions? Bought you horses, houses, cars and took you out of that grocery store checkout?

When I sold the house I put more cash in your hands than you will ever see again….in your whole life. Then you back up the dump truck of marital debt and dump it all over me. You sneak! Is that how you do people?

Which face are applying make-up to today? That lie is gonna do you in.

You can change your name all you want but it will always spell R-A-T.


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