Early warnings:

I don’t usually besmirch bystanders but I will make an exception in this idiot’s case. In 2003, we had moved back to Massachusetts. I had taken a promotion with BMS and life soon became very hectic. It also became lucrative as my side corporate video business started to take off.

In those days, my wife started to see a therapist every Monday morning. Christine Musello, Psy.D.

I was under the impression that it was family matters. Her family. And that was her business. She was always in some drama with one family member or another, so I thought, “chick stuff”.

Years later, as life started twisting its way around me, I decided I needed to talk to someone. I was having trouble kicking the xanax my doc had prescribed and I couldn’t slow down long enough to give it my full attention. I would soon regret it. That stuff is a bitch.

So at my request, my wife gave me this lady Christine’s phone number and I called. It was only up the street or I might not have gone.

Christine and I sat in a small room with a view of Main Street in Groton and started to get to know each other.

Within a half an hour she started telling me all of the things that were bothering Susan. One of the big problems was ……me! I was shocked.

When I confronted my wife, all she would say is “she’s is so unprofessional!” That was all. Then she stopped seeing her. I’m know I’m no day at the beach but I always thought we were cool. For the most part.

I was always completely transparent when it came to my weaknesses. I am a long time recovering drunk and druggie and there’s no use in trying to sugar coat it. So I don’t.

I was too lost in my own business crap at the time to notice the signs. I was making big money and everything was moving quickly. Too quickly.

I hired her son at 60 grand a year and stepped on the gas. But like Icarus, I flew too close to the sun. Businesses rise and fall like the ocean. I fell.

Would I do it again? Absolutely.

That therapist was a dingbat. What was she thinking? She could have lost her license. We could have sued.

The early signs of treachery and dishonesty were there, though. I think of these things now, of course.

Too late.


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