The Gag Factor!

Gag Factor

I just watched a dopey corporate music video in which my gag reflexes were tested. The video production company that produced it is beating their chest and proclaiming that more organizations should be doing stuff like this. In the early 80’s, in big companies, this was routine and just as cringe worthy. I have a closet full of VHS tapes that I will use as blackmail if I ever run out of money.

I’m all for fun but it doesn’t have to be dopey! Bad dialogue and stiff performances are excruciating. Lip synching and jumping jacks don’t do anything but scare the crap out of people. Especially clients. The one I just watched is on their Facebook page.Yikes! I wonder how many people have closed their account after viewing that little Fellini masterpiece.

I had to shoot one once where the the women’s hologram or “conscience” was on the wall beside her, guiding her, during a performance review. With echo even! The head of HR thought that one up. He must have rigged the drug test.

I have such a bad taste in my mouth after being forced to participate in these corporate fiascos likes “skits” and “selling scenarios” over the years, I’m still working it out in therapy. Now that I’m on the other end of the camera and have a say in production, I use all of my experience to steer clients away from hokey videos in today’s environment.

Warning: YouTube lives forever!

You can create corporate videos that are inspirational and motivating without resorting to slapstick.These videos are supposed to be shared, not used as evidence. Let’s kick it up a notch, eh?

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