Big Microphone, Small Audience?

How's your delivery?

As any stand up comic will tell you, it’s all in the delivery. Not only what you’re delivering, but to who. I’m sure the unfiltered Sam Kinison was never asked to play at the Vatican. Wrong audience. It wouldn’t play in Peoria, as they say. In the business world, we have the ability nowadays to wreak havoc on our intended prey merely by raining down on them all the inescapable, inappropriate and redundant on-line information we think they need. Or don’t need.

Like drone strikes, no one seems to be aware of the collateral damage lack of specific targeting can cause, annoying many and closing off the communication opportunity in the process. What I deal with a lot, is impatience when it comes to taking the time to step back and properly target the appropriate audience. Carving out and designating groups of recipients that want to hear about features and benefits of your offering is critical.

So the next time you take the stage and want your audience to appreciate your routine, be sure they paid to get in, meaning they chose to be in the audience and they get the material.

Yeah, the mic is on, it’s loud enough and you have been preparing forever, but if your manager books you into a Shriner’s Convention and they don’t get the punchlines, you’ll be back driving the UPS truck in no time.

All of the most successful comedians got their start in small venues. It’s more intimate, you can see your audience better and they know you’re talking only to them. Once you get your material, time and delivery down, they’re gonna love ya!

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