Millennials Are In Season!


Had a casual lunch with a recruiter yesterday. Very savvy guy. Lots of entrepreneurial spirit, that one. Having never had the pleasure of dining with someone in that industry, I had loads of questions regarding large corporations and their hiring practices.

I pressed him on what a typical day was like. He said “I spend all day fishing for millennials. We do everything we can to entice them into considering our company”  Really, I said, “How’s the fishing?” He said it was pretty good given the glut of newly minted “schools” of college graduates with nowhere to to go. Think salmon.

“What kind of bait you using?” I asked. “Don’t need any, they’ll bite on just about anything. I should just be using a net, but you might get a boomer or two and maybe even an X’er.Then you have to throw them back. Too old and smart. Chewy too. Oh yeah, and expensive.”

“We like ’em young and dumb and still close to their Mum. Who has a vested interest in renting their room, by the way. Why should we pay a seasoned vet when a rookie will do? Plus, millennials are in season” Gotcha!

If you’re wondering why the companies you sent your resumes to aren’t calling you back, it might be because you’re passed puberty, the age of reason and you can tie your own shoes.

In other words, you’re over qualified. I shit you not!

Next: What to do about it.

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